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1. Navigate to FalconPrideClub.com

2. Click “Member Login” on the top right portion of the page.

3. Your log in information will be sent to you from FalconPride@Airforceathletics.org. Your Username will be the email you have previously provided us, your password will be sent to be in the email notifying you of the change of giving platform. You will be prompted to reset your password upon log in.

4. If you have never given before, click create account and input your contact information, address details, user settings (your primary email address – you will use this to log in, and password).

5. Once logged in, you will now be able to make a gift, view upcoming events, update account information, and more!

6. To donate, click “Donate Now”

7. Select “Donate” under which sport you wish to contribute to.

8. Under the “Give Now” page, click “Add to Cart”

9. In your shopping cart, input the amount you would like to contribute.

10. In the “Billing Info” section, input your billing address, select which credit card you would like to use and click “Buy”.

11. You will receive a confirmation message & email that you have successfully contributed!

12. You may return to your account page to view your transaction history.